10 April 2014
Applet to help with Rebounds investigation from Sunday Afternoon Maths VIII.
2013 Advent CalendarScroggs?????
4 November 2013
Open the doors on the 2013 Cats in Drag Advent Calendar.
Chocky Audio BookScroggs????? & Bolt?????
24 September 2013
Listen to our audiobook of Chocky by John Wyndham.
Mathematical ViewsScroggs?????
26 July 2013
What would you see if you were looking down on balls placed on mathematical curves.
Colour Pascal's TriangleScroggs?????
14 July 2013
Colour the multiples of numbers in Pascal's traingle.
Weather StationScroggs?????
29 June 2013
Graphs showing the temperature as measured by a Raspberry Pi located in Perivale, Middlesex.
Monochrome FlagsScroggs????? & Bolt?????
30 December 2012
Have you ever wondered what colour you would get if you mixed all the paint required to make a flag? Then your prayers have been answered.

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