Over the FenceScroggs?????
13 August 2012
Oafbert is a garden gnome. He wants to know what the world beyond the garden fence holds, so he climbs onto the roof of the shed and tries to jump over the fence. Your job is to help Oafbert get over the fence.

Space GameScroggs?????
2 June 2012
Use the arrow keys to avoid the enemy ship and the traps it lays. There are three sizes of game (small, medium and large) and two types (plane and torus). This game first appeared on the St Hugh's Ball 2012 website.

8 April 2012
Use the controls (default: arrow keys) to move your car around the ice.

Use the arrow keys to swim around. Breathe air from the bubbles. How long can you last before you run out of air?

Ramp RompScroggs????? & Ben
Use the arrow keys to drive the car over the obstacles.

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